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h companies to reduce reliance on foreign p▓roductsArtificial intelligence technologies are bursting out of laboratories and into reality at a faster rate than many expected.Consumers can now take selfies wi



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th smartphones that automatically beautify their pictures锛峳emoving dark circles under the eyes and adding patches of rouge. After a hard day at work, people can talk to internet-connected TVs, which will

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switch on automatically and begin beaming their owners' favorite shows. When stepping into smart vehicles▓, people can ask cars to lower the temperature and r▓ecommend the nearest coff

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ee shop, just by speaking.All these applications are made possible by miniature processors that operate within the devices themselves or via cloud services. As the brains powering th

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ese smart ele▓ctronic products, AI chips help smartphones, TVs and a▓utomobiles understand what humans say, recognize pictures, and more importantly, give appropriate feedback.As part of i

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ts▓ broad push to gain a lead in the AI era, China is nurturing globally competitive chip companies that can reduce the nation's reliance on fo▓reign technologies.Describing chips as being like th

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  • e human heart, President Xi Jinping said in late April that "no matter how big a person is, he or s▓he can never be strong without a sound and strong heart". He

  • urged businesses to make maj▓or breakthroughs in chip technology and reach new heights in the globa▓l semiconductor industry.A string of C

  • hinese startups and tech heavyweights are scrambling to respond to President Xi's call.At a much-anticipated event held in Shang

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hai in early May, Cambricon Technologies Corp Ltd, a startup that specializes in AI processors, unveiled Ch▓ina's first cloud AI chip锛峵he MLU 100. Th

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